ConsultWhite's principal, David White, has over 40 years experience in diverse finance and technology disciplines. ConsultWhite provides consulting services to financial markets and expert witness services for regulators and legal firms.

David White is Australian Regional Director of GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals)

David also formed the Investor Institute to assist practitioners and investors better understand developing market issues and the risk return equation when deciding on fund manager asset allocations.

He is also Chairman of the advisory boards for itechne and tribevibe.

To be an innovative force identifying, quantifying and implementing new products and services leveraging off our operational, market, regulatory and legal knowledge. This knowledge base will assist clients to bring clarity to complex matters.

As a market professional, David White has gained Technology, Investment Banking, Fund Management, Stock Exchanges and Regulation skills over many years and through ConsultWhite brings a unique set of skills to the financial markets. Experience has been gained in the US, UK, Japan, HK and Australia